Can You Spot The Fakes?
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One common disinformation tactic is sensationalist headlines that make one side look stupid to the other, often playing on stereotypes like "thug" or "hick."
Which Story is Untrue?
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Black Teen Who Died of COVID-19 Denied Treatment  Because He Didn't Have Health Insurance

Another increasingly common disinformation tactic is fake stories about threats to our leaders and communities from other Americans and American institutions.  
Two of these stories are true. Click the untrue story.

White House Chief of Staff: "We're not going to control this pandemic"


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c_f11 (1).jpg
When in doubt, check the source. Don't share untrue content, even to critique it (that is often the goal of the propaganda and helps it spread).   
Click The Single Truth Among The Lies
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US COVID Deaths Pass Combined Battle Fatalities from Most American Wars. 


Sadly, this story is true.  Multiple news outlets have been using combined casualties in America wars as markers for increasing COVID losses.