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Why Does Disinformation Spread?
Ted Cruz Tweet
This fake story and video was first posted on Russian propaganda news and amplified by bots and other disinformation news accounts until the claim was reported by conservative papers on quick deadline. 
The headline was eye-catching and confirmed a certain world-view. Unfortunately, it was not true. 

If the Senator's communication staff had paused to consider the story, they would have recognized the warning flags of a fake.

Unfortunately, social media conditions us to share without thought.  And our rapid fire news cycles create a perception that we must share quickly to be relevant.  That is what our adversaries are counting on.
An Anatomy of a Single Russian Fake News Campaign

(It all started by photoshopping fake text into a screen shot of a Senator's tweet)

Infographic about a fake news campaign
Russian Propaganda Sources Are Targeting Hispanics in America to Drive Down Hispanic Trust in Vaccines & the Elections
Infographic about Russian COVID-19 misinformation content in Spanish
Russians Budgeted $1.3 BILLION in 2020 To Run Their Disinformation Operations.  
Russian company logos and cash
The Chinese Government Has More Workers Creating and Shaping Online Propaganda Than Walmart (America's Largest Employer) Has in Its Stores.   
Infographic titled "China's Toolbox for Global Media Influence"
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