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Don't Be Tricked: Spot Russian Propaganda

Russian propaganda is infiltrating America and manipulating our people. It is even getting picked up by our leading news networks and being funneled into our homes. 

We can not let Russia own our news and divide our nation with their communist agenda. We must learn to spot their fake news. 

Russian Propaganda About Ukrainian Biolabs

Russia's latest attempt to divide USA. Russia is spreading fake news about bioweapons in Ukraine to justify its invasion and killing of innocent people. 

Get the truth about how Russia is pushing disinfo into the world. 

worker in a biolab

Russia Claims New Symbols 

Putin knows that most common-sense people are against his invasion into Ukraine. To trick people into thinking his actions are not bad, he is trying to create a community of Kremlin supporters. Putin is trying to stir up national and international support by having people mark themselves and their things with the letter Z. Learn about their nationalist propaganda.

Russian Interference in USA

Russia has revamped an age-old tactic to raise the Soviet Union from the ashes. Russia is trying to break the public's faith in the best example of capitalism and democracy in the world–the United States of America—by turning American citizens against one another.


We can not let Putin succeed. Learn Russia's tactics so you can stop Putin's communist propaganda. 

Political cartoon of Vladmir Putin

Russian Disinfo Tactics

Russia has built one of the most sophisticated disinformation networks in the world and is continuously inventing new ways to undermine democracy and freedom. Don't be tricked. 

Report Russian Disinfo

The FBI is actively working to address threats to America, including cyber and disinformation attacks by Russia. If you think you have evidence that needs to be reported, contact the FBI. 

The Moscow Project

The Moscow Project is investigating collusion between Russia and domestic actors in American elections. 

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