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Most Americans Can Spot Untrue Content Online
Foreign Actors Are Targeting Americans to Divide Us
Think Before You Share. Fight the Division.
Think Before You Share. Make a Difference.
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Russian Biolab Conspiracy Targeting Americans

Russian State Has Infiltrated American News Network with Biolab Conspiracy. 

Spot Russian Propaganda

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Partner Resources and Strategies Our Adversaries Use to Divide America.


Learn More and Spread the Word.

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Tools to Fight Back

A Few Simple Steps Can Uncover Most Disinformation


Learn How to Fight Back.

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Russian Disinfo Tactics

Russia seeks to undermine the United States.

Learn How So We Can Stop Them

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Report Fake News

If You See Something, Do Something.  Help Defend America.


Fight Back

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Research Shows Most Americans Can Spot Untrue News and Social Media Posts.


See How Many Fakes You Can Find.

  • Before It's News
  • Catholic Vote
  • World Net Daily
  • Postal Times
  • Newsmax
  • Zero Hedge
  • Epoch Times
  • Counterpunch
Worst Offender List
Sites that regularly publish disinformation targeting Americans:
  • OAN News (OANN)
  • Global Research
  • News Front
  • Postal Reporter
  • Southfront

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