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America developed the two safest and best vaccines to combat the COVID virus China released on the world.  China (and Russia) worked hard to get Americans to turn on the US vaccines, rather than take pride in its dominance.

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And to further the divisions in America, China used its economic influence to blind American academia, mainstream media, and public health officials to the role of the Wuhan Lab in COVID-19’s origin and its outsized influence in WHO and academic journals that shape understanding of COVID.  

By using its Confucius Centers in American universities, and framing critiques of its authoritarian government in terms of anti-Asian racism, China has effectively gagged American academic and media elites.  And it is feeding off and amplifying racist statements made in far-right chats against Chinese Americans to reinforce the idea that critiques of the CCP stem from anti-Asian bias, rather than a desire to see all people enjoy the freedoms Americans have.

The more Americans argue over mandates and who to blame for new COVID outbreaks, the less attention will be paid to how poorly Chinese and Russian vaccines are performing and how much more of the American population is vaccinated than the Chinese or Russians.  

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