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America’s freedoms are the greatest threat to autocrats, but they can be exploited.  A peaceful march can be turned into a riot that destroys businesses or even a breaching of America’s most sacred halls of democracy.  

Watch your channels.  Raising concerns or disagreeing with government or a trusted American institution is free speech.   Doxing, voter intimidation, and calls for violence are illegal.  Russian and Chinese bots and agents infiltrate communities and push legitimate discourse toward illegal or destructive directions. 

The more they can radicalize, the less credibility any community becomes.  The less credibility it has, the more desperate it will become, and the more bad actors can use it to radicalize Americans with opposing beliefs.


The more radicalization is normalized on left and right, the harder it will be for real Americans to call it out.  

It’s also a good way to sell supplements, so if you are on a site selling a lot of supplements, chances are that you have fallen into an influence operation.   

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