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The Pilgrims came to America fleeing Christian nationalism in England, and America’s Founding Fathers and the early Baptist church established religious freedom as a foundational tenant of America.  But Iran (and Russian trolls) have succeeded in convincing increasing numbers of Americans that the Iranian model of state-imposed religious rules are the right approach.  Whereas Jesus taught to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” and that our faith should be in God, Iran has worked with its Russian allies to convince an increasing number of American Christians that God needs the state to defend Him.  

Rather than witnesses Christ’ grace and love, Christian nationalists endorse Iran’s Sharia model to use the state to legislate and enforce their beliefs.  

Division is the strategy of America’s enemies.  The louder the voice of Christian nationalists, the louder the response from liberal Americans who quickly abandon their own beliefs about protecting minority views to cancel conservative ones they find distasteful, which just feeds the cycle.  

The more America’s enemies can amplify overreaches and hypocrisy by both sides, the more they can stoke the flames of religious division in America.  

The more Americans are fighting each other, the less attention they spread to Iran’s spreading influence in the Middle East, Russia’s in Eastern Europe, and China’s in Asia.   

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