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Fake News Disproportionately Affects Elderly Population

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Fake news sites and pages have taken advantage of older populations that are both actively participating in politics and more unaware of misinformation compared to younger age groups. The 65+ eligible voting population vote in higher percentages than other age groups, with high turnout seen in the 2020 election. Therefore, the consequences of their susceptibility affect outcomes of elections in the United States.

Misinformation is not new, but its constant evolution makes it harder and harder to detect when a site is fake news. With technology advancing everyday, making misinformation more believable and more wide spread, we have got to also be getting better at spotting it. This is especially true for older Americans' whose votes guide the direction of our democracy for years to come.

Understanding how to spot fake news is the first step in stopping the spread of misinformation. Take the quiz to see if you can spot it and stop it:



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